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    I would like to see the possibility of using the slider in place of the header on at least the presentation page (or even the whole site if that’s possible.)

    If I have a presentation page with no header image, the 2 nav bars are sandwiched together. If I have amy standard header image, that’s too much clutter with the slider. If the slider was between the two menu’s, this would take the place of the header images on that page and the lower nav menu would be where I would expect it on subsequent pages. As a interim solution, I’ll try to make a presentation page specific header that I would make long and narrow with just our logo.

    Or even how about allowing the header widget to be 100% width and so I could use meta-slider or something in the header of all our pages?

    Also, I’d love to change the size & font for the buttons in the top menu above the header!

    Lastly, it would be great to easily reorder (drag and drop?) the slides in the slider options!

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