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    I notice that upon first load of my web site the slider on the presentation page only loads at about half the width and is centered under the header. It is only later when one comes back to the home page that the slider is loaded at its full (1050px) width. I noticed that this was the case with the original demo pictures when I first installed the theme (Parabola).

    I tried and tested this from Windows (IE, Chrome); Mac OSX (Safari, Chrome) and Linux (Mozilla, Chrome). The result is consistent on all platforms and under all these browsers, which is why I am posting in this section.

    Any help in resolving this would be most appreciated.
    Many thanks!

    Metaspace Webmaster

    …er… has anyone seen a similar problem is it just our site?…



    Sorry I’ve not seen the issue at all personally, or seen anyone post anything similar. I did see what was happening though, and after a refresh it did go to full size.

    (just a Parabola user)



    Just an observation the Parabola theme has the nivo slider built into it, but it seems you may be using a separate nivo slider plug in on your site? Could there be a conflict going on? Perhaps deactivate the plug in and see if that makes a difference?


    Metaspace Webmaster

    Hi Jim,

    and many thanks for the posts. Well spotted! Indeed the Nivo slider was there prior to loading Parabola. I have now disabled it. Hopefully this will resolve the issue and will cause no new ones. Initial tests inicate [tentative] success.




    That’s good to hear, there were a couple of slider widths of 600px and 640px showing earlier which led me to the plug in. They aren’t showing now so hopefully all should be well.




    When you upload an image, it seems that several sizes of images are created (look at …/uploads/…) When you pick image to use you can select the size.
    Check that the size selected is correct, not sure if this is applicable to slider images.
    Very Important for slider images
    The docs say make the image that you create the specific size that is set in the Layout settings the content width specifically
    default slider image size 1050 width 350 height
    Also make sure you haven’t cropped image
    IF none of this works disable your header for your presentation page
    I had some weird things going on in the header with overlapping, but I dont know if it can possible cover slider


    I re read the initial post, misunderstood it
    I have had to click the reload page button several times.
    I think I cleared the browser cache for Safari check boxes selected
    website content and preview image settings


    Does anyone have issues with the slider not working properly on mobile devices?
    I am thinking I would like it to be static, but I am not sure how to facilitate that.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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