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    Birgitte Sorensen

    I have enabled the presentation page under Nirvana Settings – and on the home page I have chosen the template “Category page with intro” – but the home page is blank!!! I have put on som slides in the slide manager as well as some text.

    I can’t figure out what is wrong!
    I am using Chrome browser.

    Kind regards

    Birgitte Sorensen

    Problem solved! In settings it must be “latest post” and not “static page” as front page!


    I had the same problem, maybe they should clearly spell this out in their FAQ. Because this problem still cost me some searching to solve it, and the explanation worked immediately for this problem. Thanks Birgitte


    Hi, I’m also having a problem with the presentation page. I’ve changed the settings from “static” to “latest posts” as said here, but still – the presentation page is shown blank in my website…what could be the problem?

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