Presentation page missing after the 1.4 update

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    Tempera previously had a bug by which it displayed the presentation page (minus some styling) even when a static page was set as the homepage.
    WordPress theme guidelines request that setting a static page takes precedence over theme settings, so we have corrected this in

    If you have a static page set as the homepage, after the update WordPress will display that instead of the presentation page. To re-enable the presentation page, the Frontpage displays option (under Settings > Reading) need to be set to Your latest posts.

    Additionally, your Home menu item may also point to this static page (which was previously replaced by the presentation page). You will need to correct it to point to the correct home location.

    Finally, if you were previously assigning a blog page under Reading, this functionality is no longer available after returning to Latest posts. The matter can be solved by assigning the Blog page (posts list) page template to the page you want the posts list to be displayed on.

    If anyone is still having issues with the presentation page, please start a new thread.
    For anyone having slider issues, please start your own thread and provide a link to the site.

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