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    On the homepage, I am pulling three custom post types…these are put into the columns area…They should be working as animated, but magically they have started only pulling the Under Photo text option…It doesn’t change with any option I pull in the Theme Options…I would like for it to be animated again so that the text shows on hover. Thanks, if you can help!


    I am having the same issue! It was all working beautifully until today. I have done a bunch of updates but nothing I can think of to change the animation. Is there a solution?




    As I continued reading through the forum, I found the solution:
    The widget appearance differs depending on whether or not responsiveness is triggered.
    When site fits on screen, the columns behave normally (with hover effects and all); when responsiveness kicks in because the site no longer fits the screen, the theme considers this to be a mobile device (hence no mouse to hover with) so it replaces hovering effects with static elements with texts under the images.

    So, just enlarge your browser and Ta-Da! It works! 😉

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