Presentation Page Columns display as Rows Instead of Columns after updating

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    I have some big presentation page issues after updating to V. 1.7

    When using a child theme, presentation page text is super small and presentation page columns appear as rows instead of columns. These problems went away when I switched to the parent theme. However, we were only using a child IN CASE we wanted to customize CSS… the child I was using that had the update problems had no customizations! So there should not have been any conflicts that would cause these layout and text size problems!

    Any ideas what’s going on here?

    I am currently set to the parent so my live site looks the way it should.



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    I am having the same issue but I cannot switch away from the child theme because I have custom CSS on it. Let me know when there is a fix for this, please!



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    @backflipte, what version of Tempera did you create the child theme with and what code does it use to enqueue the style files?

    @mike-premier, your site’s styles appear to be loaded in the correct order. What functionality (if any) is the child theme customizing? You can use the support form for faster replies.

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    The presentation page is set for 3 columns per row. Currently, they are being displayed as 1 column and type is very small. Also, the search feature is showing in the menu bar.

    As for the child theme, I believe there are very minimal style changes. This is a site we inherited so I am not sure what else is there. Looks like BG image and some hidden items. Here is the theme code:


    #forbottom, #main{

    div.nivo-controlNav{visibility: hidden;}

    #topbar{visibility: hidden;}

    div#footer2 span{visibility: hidden;}



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    To temporarily fix the site, I removed the child theme and added the custom CSS to the main theme. I also found the setting for the search feature which I have turned off.

    Please let me know when I can go back to using the child theme or if there are other updates required to do so.


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