Potential BIG bug… Gutenberg – What should we expect?

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    Hello.. well, it appears that Gutenberg is coming soon. I have a LOT of custom CSS in the customizer.

    • What can I expect once the new wordpress hits?
    • Am I going to need to go in and do a whole lot of editing ro recover?
    • Do I need to purchase a new plan/template?

    There is a sense of urgency. So please let me know. I can’t have my website be affected badly when I am selling web services to others.


    Website: terminuswebgroup.com

    Cryout Creations Team

    Our themes will be impacted by Gutenberg as much as any other theme in the repository.

    Normally, the themes are simply responsible for displaying the content as WordPress itself delivers it (this is true at least for the repository themes which are not allowed to include any kind of plugin-like functionality).

    Gutenberg will replace/take over the editing part of the content, and anything that Gutenberg will have to apply/filter on that content will happen before the theme gets to display it.

    There’s also the Classic Editor plugin which you can use to delay the Gutenberg switch (which based on the reviews is not quite welcome at this time).

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