Post Titles Not Showing On “Full Post”

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    I am baffled and do not know if my problem is that I cannot find a setting or if the issue is elsewhere … or even if this is an issue at all!

    When we visit one of our category listing pages, such as (which shows the posts in the News category) we see the post titles. However, when we go to the post itself, as in clicking “Read More” we do not see the post titles. An example is here –

    Is it possible to cause the post titles to show up on the posts themselves? If so, how can I do that?

    Thank you for taking a look at this.



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    In Roseta, the section titles (category titles, post titles, meta info) are displayed in the header location, on top of the header image.

    It looks like you’ve set your header image height to 0, which hides the header image entirely and with it all content that’s part of the same element, including the titles.

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    OK, this is excellent and explains everything.

    Thank you!


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