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    I didn’t change the Text Settings after i Installed the Parabola theme. So i guess, I’m using the default Fonts and Font-Sizes. So far I like them and i would like to keep them like they are, but I think there are 2 Bugs.

    First in the Post Titles:

    “Umlaute” like Ä,Ö and Ü are Displayed as ä, ö and ü. I.e. a post title says “HäLT” instead auf “HÄLT” – and that looks really wrong ;).

    Second the post text:

    Within the Text of a post Bold-Text isn’t displayed as Bold.. instead it looks like another font or like the letters have a bigger size and have more space between each other, but they are not bold… beside the “umlaute” so ü, ä, ö looks bold..

    is there a way to fix that, or will it be fixed in a future update?

    the font name is bebas neue (post title font)
    and general font is open sans
    the widget titel font ist also bebas neue but Ü Ä and letters like that, are properly displayed there.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    1. Try using a different font. We didn’t test the included fonts for international characters support. Most Google fonts only include basic ASCII.

    2. I see bold text appearing fine on (the last line in the post)
    Where do you see issues?

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