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    Love the theme but whenever I post articles from my website to social media, the thumbnail won’t display. Instead I’ll get a white thumbnail (I believe it is actually showing the website’s logo, which is also white just as the background of the thumbnail, hence it appears as if it’s just a white thumbnail). I have only a few plugins running (Jetpack, Easy Footnotes, Contact Form 7 and Patreon Button, Widgets and Plugin by CodeBar) so I doubt they are the cause? What could be the reason that the featured images of the articles do not display as the thumbnail? Thanks in advance!

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    Third party service usually have their own algorithms for deciding what image from each section to use (when there are multiple images preset).
    To control exactly what’s being picked up by external services I recommend using a plugin that provides control for such properties – personally I suggest using Yoast, but there should be many SEO plugins capable of this.

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