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    Im making a site and on two of the pages i will have profiles for people, they are not going to be able to log in or anything, its the moderators of the site that makes the profiles. So im using posts to make the profiles. The problem is that i cant have post on two pages, you can only have one post site. So i am using a plugin that is called Shortcodes Ultimate. With the plugin you can choose to get a shortcode for posts, and you can use the default templates that the plugin provides or you ca use one of your own. I like the look of the Anima posts, but i cant find Template files or template code.

    Anyone have any idea where to find it or a different way to get posts on other than just one site.

    BTW i also need to be able to sort the profiles/posts on the different sites. Because its two different kinds of people on the sites



    this wasnt a fast forum

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