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    My site is not correctly viewed on the iPhone. My site is responsive but i can’t see the logo and the title of the post. May be it’s large in size but it is working fine on other devices. What should i do?

    I will be thankful if anyone can help me.

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    Could you include a link to your site or at least a screenshot with the issue?

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.

    If your website is not responsive on a mobile device, here are some steps you can take to address the issue:

    Test your website: First, test your website on different mobile devices to see how it looks and functions. Use different mobile browsers and screen sizes to get a sense of how your website appears on different devices.

    Use responsive design: Make sure your website is designed using responsive design techniques. Responsive design allows your website to adjust to different screen sizes, ensuring that it looks and functions correctly on all devices.

    Optimize images: Large images can slow down the loading time of your website on mobile devices. Make sure that all images on your website are optimized for mobile devices. Use compression tools to reduce the size of your images without sacrificing quality.

    Simplify design: A complex design with many elements can make it difficult for your website to load quickly on mobile devices. Simplify your design by reducing the number of elements on your page.

    Use mobile-friendly fonts: Some fonts may not display correctly on mobile devices. Use fonts that are designed to be mobile-friendly, such as sans-serif fonts.

    Use mobile-friendly plugins: Make sure that any plugins or third-party tools used on your website are optimized for mobile devices.

    Test and optimize: Finally, continue to test your website on different devices and optimize as necessary to ensure that your website is fully responsive on all mobile devices.


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