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    Using the theme options in the WordPress customizer, I’ve assigned a specific post category to display on my site homepage, but the feed still appears to be showing all posts instead of the specific category.

    I’ve set the feed to show only the “News and Events” category, but none of the posts currently appearing have that category assigned, so I can only assume it’s just showing all posts rather than filtering as directed.



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    Which landing page section did you configure to display the specific posts category?

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    I didn’t use a specific section; I defined the category under Landing Page > Settings. I can provide a screencap if necessary; I’m realizing that there may actually be something else wrong with my settings, as they’re also set to show 10 posts but the page only displays 6… it looks like the post list that appears on my landing page is happening automatically despite the settings in the customizer.


    Never mind, I just realized what I was doing wrong. My error entirely – apologies! My issue’s resolved.

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