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    Dear Cryout team,

    after the latest 1.6.2-update font management on presentation page functions and looks perfectly well! – Thanks a lot for that!

    Especially I appreciate the restored spacing between post excerpts and the »read more« buttons, which gives the post-preview-section on presentation page a »generous« and airy look. – Very nice again!

    On blog-page, tag- and category-pages (with or without intro) instead, there’s a different post-preview-layout with no spacing between post excerpts and the following »read more« button at all.


    Would you consider a unified post-preview-layout for all types of pages in a future update? Or could there be a spacing adjustment via custom CSS for all instances of »read more« bottons (or post excerpts respectively)?

    But, as you can see, this is not at all of any urgency 😉.

    Thanks, greetings and regards


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