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    I am testing my upgrade to WP 5.3.2 and Tempera 1.7.2 and having trouble positioning a caption below an image.

    For images within the page (test.pat.gen.nz/images), I have discovered that I need to set the Tempera settings to Caption type – Simple.

    However, when inserting an image in a widget (test.pat.gen.nz/widgets), the caption always appears over the image. As you can see in the bottom two right-hand widgets – one is an image widget and the other is a text widget.

    How can I arrange for the caption to appear below the image?

    One final question, in the case of the image widget with a caption, I am unable to centre the image horizontally. If there is no caption, then a class of aligncenter works.


    Website: test.pat.gen.nz

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