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    I have two pages where I believe the Essential Content Types called “Portfolio” and “Services” aren’t rendering properly (in my opinion) due to the Roseta theme.

    The “content-masonry” images overlap onto other featured images, and the overlapping images cover up the text, therefore I can’t read what the link description is. Only when I refresh the page or change the page width does the masonry resize itself and correct the problem.

    The links to the two affected pages are as follows:


    I tried looking into the Roseta theme to find where it calls the Essential Content Types plugin but failed. I tried looking at the Essential Content Types plugin site and failed to find anything similar.

    Roseta installed this plugin when I first tried this theme, and now that I’m committed to Roseta, I need to find an answer. Please help. I can email screenshots of the problem if necessary. Thank you.

    Website: paulturk.ca/portfolio

    Cryout Creations Team

    The theme does not come with or suggest the plugin named Essential Content Types. We are not familiar with that particular plugin and cannot say if its custom post types work as expected with our theme. The /service section appears to use content created with that plugin.

    The /portfolio section does use Jetpack’s portfolio post type, a plugin which we do suggest and we’ve added support for in our themes, but only with the Plus edition. We do not advertise supporting nor do we suggest Jetpack’s post types with the free edition.

    Nonetheless, the overlapping should not occur and it points to a load timing issue for image. As a workaround for it you can try to disable the masonry functionality site-wide.

    We’ll look into this to see if there’s a way to improve the masonry functionality in Roseta.

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