Polylang throws the whole website on 1 page

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    Hi there

    I really love your themes, so much that the love itself starts the be quite a theme… anyway 🙂

    Not sure this is the theme’s fault, but I have this bug where swithing to the second langauges results in the whole site being displayed on 1 single page in a somewhat random order.

    See the provided url for the utter strangeness that takes place here.

    If you help, then thanks in advance! if not, well just have another fine day then 🙂

    Website: www.belmani.nl

    Cryout Creations Team

    Does the static page that’s being assigned as the homepage (since Fluida 1.5) have a translated copy?

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    Hi Zed, thank you for coming back to this.
    Yes, well copy. I made a new page, called it home_en and filled it with the same content but with english text.

    Is that what you mean?


    I figured it out, thank you!

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