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    Hi, i’m italian and i want to translate Parabola in Italian language, but if I open Poedit and search the file _parabola.po in the language folder, the program don’t open it for translation.
    I have open the file with notepad++ and i have see that the file is not compiled with the _e prefix for standard poedit compliant.
    Someone was able to open the file to translate it or tell me if I’m wrong something?
    Thanks, Mirko.


    I have resolved with Kay in other section

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Thanks for taking the time to translate the theme 🙂

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    Hi Zed, thanks for the theme.
    I like it 😉

    I have some problem with many translation in the po file.
    It’s work fine, but these translations remain in english and not in my language.

    #: single.php:40
    msgid “View all posts by ”
    msgstr “Vedi tutti i post di”

    #: admin/settings.php:831
    msgid “”
    “Accents #1 and #2 should either be the same as the link colours or be ”
    “separate from all other colours on the site.<br />\n”
    ” Accent #5 is used for input fields and buttons backgrounds, borders and ”
    “lines.<br />\n”
    ” Accents #3 and #4 should be the lighter/darker than the content ”
    “background colour, being used as borders/shades on elements where accent #5 ”
    “is background colour.”
    msgstr “”
    “Accenti #1 e #2 dovrebbero essere gli stessi come i colori dei link o essere ”
    “separati da tutti gli altri colori nel sito.<br />\n”
    ” Accento #5 è usato per il testo inputato e per lo sfondo dei bottoni, ”
    “bordi e linee.<br />\n”
    ” Accento #3 e #4 dovrebbe essere più chiaro/scuro del colore di sfondo ”
    “del contenuto,essere usati come bordi/sfumature su elementi in cui l’accento ”
    “#5 è il colore di sfondo.”

    #: admin/settings.php:104

    msgid “”
    “Select the width of your <b>content</b> and <b>sidebar(s)</b>.\n”

    “\t\tWhen using a 3 columns layout (with 2 sidebars) they will each have half ”

    “the configured width.”

    msgstr “”

    “Seleziona la larghezza del <b>contenuto</b> e della/e <b>sidebar</b>.\n”

    “\t\tQuando usi un layout a 3 colonne (con due sidebar) ognuna di loro avrà ”

    “la metà della larghezza configurata.”

    #: admin/settings.php:45
    msgid “”
    “Choose your layout. Possible options are: <br> No sidebar, a single sidebar ”
    “on either left of right, two sidebars on either left or right and two ”
    “sidebars on each side.<br>\n”
    “\tThis can be overriden in pages by using Page Templates.”
    msgstr “”
    “Scegli il tuo layout. Le opzioni possibili sono: <br> Nessuna sidebar, una ”
    “singola sidebar a destra o sinistra, due singole sidebar a destra o sinistra ”
    “o una singola sidebar per ogni lato.<br>\n”
    “\tPotrebbe essere sovrascritto in pagine usando il Page Templates.”


    with 1.0.0 is all ok expect

    #: single.php:40
    msgid “View all posts by ”
    msgstr “Vedi tutti i post di ”


    Hi, I have the spanish translation nearly finished but I see that the string about the accents colors (admin/settings.php:833) is still shown in english (Parabola v1.0.0). Also there is a problem with the help of “HTML tags in Excerpts” (admin/settings.php:1345) because Poedit only shows “By default WordPress excerpts remove all HTML tags (“ and in Parabola Settings this string is longer and is shown in english too.

    Anyway, thanks for the theme.
    It’s great.

    Tim R

    How do we get the Spanish translation to work with the Parabola Template?

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