Podcast Player gets slimmed down on Landing Page

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    As you can see on this Landing Page the player of podcast-plugin gets slimmed down to its minimal size of 290 pixels. It could get about 900 pixels wide which I would love to have. I checked the code of the podcast plugin and it says <root data-test="player--xl" style="max-width:950px;min-width:260px;">.

    So this player is embedded in a page which is pout via the landing page builder of the theme on the landing page. I was looking where to say how much pixels it is supposed to have, but didn’t find anything.

    Also the Newsletter subscription form below is wider. Any idea what I need to do so that the podcast plugin can show its player in a bigger size?

    Thanks for the great theme! 🙂

    Website: www.metaverse-podcast.de


    Anybody out there? 🙂

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