Please enable oinch & zoom in Tempera

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    Your Tempera theme is fantastic, with lots of options. I wish to use it for my blog as well as my community web site.

    But I find one big problem – in my reckoning at least – that pinch & zoom in mobile devices is disabled by you through metadata (user-scalable=no, maximum-scale=1.0 etc). May be you have put javascript also to disable it, which I’m not aware of.

    I couldn’t find any specific advantage to the theme by disabling pinch & zoom, since I could find many responsive themes that enable zoom also look good on mobiles.

    But such disabling pinch & zoom causes hardships to aged people who have started using mobile devices to view internet.

    You are so good in offering such a good theme of loads of goodies. Please consider this request also!

    Thanks and regards



    Please read the topic as “Pinch & zoom….”

    Typo is regretted.

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