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    I Received PHP upgrade suggestion on my WordPress panel, So I changed the PHP version from 5.3 to 7.2 on C-Panel
    But after changing the version, the website was no longer loaded.
    I Received an error about MySQL on the output of site.
    However I use a backup and repair site and I tried another time to upgrade PHP Version to 7.4, But website brocke down again.
    Can U help me? whats the compatible PHP Version of this skin?



    In PHP Compatibility checker this error has shown:
    FILE: /home/…./public_html/wp-content/themes/kahuna/cryout/prototypes.php
    110 | WARNING | Global with anything other than bare variables is discouraged since PHP 7.0. Found ${_CRYOUT_THEME_NAME . ‘_big’}

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I am not seeing any deprecation warning concerning that code structure when testing with PHP 7.4. We also currently develop on 7.3 (with debugging enabled) and I can see nothing similar there either.
    Deprecation and discouragement are varying levels for precursory information of upcoming changes before a specific way of coding becomes a warning (and later an error).

    Concerning the failure of your 5.3 to 7.2 update, that is relatively big jump and there’s a lot more code running on a WordPress site than just the theme – any of your extensions (including WordPress itself, depending on the version you were using) could have failed.
    The actual error messages (which should have been recorded to the error log) will reveal specific information on what went wrong.

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