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    Hi gang – I just moved over to Tempera on my blog…
    …loving the responsive design and overall flexibility. Great theme!

    I do have an ask, pretty pleeze – more options when dealing with photo captions. My site is heavy on photography, and I would love to move the caption under the photo, skip the graduated overlay, and be able to adjust the caption text size and style. Say, 1 pt or two smaller in italics. Tempera offers lots of other text and customization options, just not around captions.

    Thanks for listening!


    I would love to see this too!


    I’m going to raise this topic back up to surface a bug/feature…

    I figured out a different way to handle captions…I simply don’t use the built-in template to display a caption, instead I use normal text within a blog to convey the narrative. You can see this technique in the past couple of posts of my blog. (link is on the left)

    When I do this however, Tempura adds a horizontal line underneath a photo, creating a bottom border, which really isn’t aesthetically necessary or pleasing. There is a setting in Tempura that has another image option (Post Images Border under Graphics Settings), for some reason it does nothing when I click on it or change to another setting. Weird.

    Please give a shout if any one has thoughts!


    I’d also like an answer to this. Anyone out there?

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