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    Actually not the case (see below).

    In ordinary WordPress text (we have Gutenberg switched off at Tested Technology), single carriage returns delineate paragraphs. A single paragraph within a Parabola BlockQuote shows up in the Visual editor as a blank line paragraph delimiter. However, in preview and on publication it evaporates into a linefeed.

    There is a work-around if you can insert a double carriage return between paragraphs. The catch here is that two successive carriage returns are how you exit the BlockQuote.

    The technique I’ve been using to create multiple paragraphs within a Parabola BlockQuote using the Visual editor is to end each paragraph with a single carriage return and then go back once the BlockQuote has been closed and insert the extra carriage return IN FRONT OF each previous one.

    This creates the following construct:


    …which appears in the Visual editor as a double blank line but previews and publishes as the desired single blank line paragraph delimiter.

    This construct survives subsequent edits in the Visual and the Text editors. But there’s a gotcha if you switch to the Android WordPress app for an edit. The Android app “cleans” the construct, removing the non-breaking space. Consequently, any multi-paragraph BlockQuote will preview and publish as a single paragraph awkwardly munged by linefeeds.

    I initially saw this as a bug in the Android version of WordPress and raised it with the (as it turned out) wonderfully responsive and knowledgeable folks behind the Android app help desk. But as we investigated further it became clear that the cleaning process was desirable and the real problem was the need for this workaround in Parabola.

    What the Parabola BlockQuote does, we discovered, is strip out the regular margin-bottom used in regular WordPress paragraphing. Alicia on the help desk suggested this could be reinstated by adding the following CSS code:

    #content blockquote p {
        margin-bottom: 22px;

    This Alicia-fix does the job. However, it leaves the final paragraph in the BlockQuote with an undesirable blank line below it.

    We came to the conclusion that devising an anti-kluge to fix my multi-paragraph kluge wasn’t the optimal approach. Alicia suggested I come here to put the problem in front of the Parabola devs in an attempt to persuade them that a non-kluge multi-paragraph Parabola BlockQuote would be a worthy design goal.

    Meanwhile|Alternatively, perhaps the forum can suggest a CSS fix that doesn’t add that unwanted final blank line.




    Ok, since that last post my attention has been drawn to the very useful margin-bottom variable. This appears to do the trick:

    /* Parabola Custom CSS */ 
    #content blockquote p {
    margin-bottom: 22px;
    #content blockquote p:last-child {
    margin-bottom: 0;


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