Not responsive on mobile devices again

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    Hi there,

    I have noticed just recently that our web site is not responsive on mobile phone devices, we had this issue before some years ago and I can’t recall how you told us to fix it.

    On PCs and Ipads it’s fine and I have tried some CSS codes but it’s not fixing the issue.

    Example, images are now showing text run vertically down the side instead of wrapping and being visible as it does on a PC browser.

    Example: looks fine on a PC but on a mobile phone it’s no longer responsive and doesn’t show correctly.

    Thanks for you help.



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    Hi again,

    I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary on the site at this time. Did this have the same cause as the wrapping issue described in the previous topic?

    As a side note, text always wraps around left/right aligned images. The quality of the wrapping depends on the combination of screen width/image width. If you want the text to clear and appear under the images you’ll need to apply some custom CSS to disable the images floating (most likely on only the smaller screen sizes).

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