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    I used to have different features on my web site landing page, such as scroling menus, smartslider and pop up windows.
    They are stil active while entering the “edit mode” of the theme, but they are inactive when I surf on my landing page through Firefox, Chrome or IE.
    Any idea of where it can come from ?


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    You have multiple JavaScript errors on your site, which affect a lot of the site features (like the menus and the slider).

    Try checking if any of the active plugins has anything to do with this by temporarily disabling them all to check if the issues are resolved and then re-enable them one by one.

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    Thank you Zed.
    I followed your advice and found out that ‘Uix Shortcodes’ is responible for the issue.
    How can I go further? I use this extension to make columns on my pages (including on popup windows with registration forms). Is there a way to fix the issue with this extension, or should I change for another extension? Which one, is this case?
    Thank you very Much.


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