no mobile menu (tinynav) with Windows hosting?

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    Willy Grigg

    Hi Mantra,


    I’m working on a wordpress website and I’m trying out Mantra on it. I started out development on Linux hosting, then moved it to a windows host.

    When viewing the site on a mobile device the Linux hosted site had a nice menu for navigating the several different pages – looking at the page source, it looks like it was a select object class=”tinynav tinynavNAN”. On the Windows hosted site, this class wasn’t there, there was just the larger vs of the menu – that looks like it would be similar for a normal website, which won’t show on mobile devices. The linux hosted vs of the site is at

    I’ve tried on several browser based mobile emulators and the results are the same. Is this a problem with the mobile-specific css. I noticed the linux vs had the title based permalinks in it (that don’t work with the Windows hosting). This could be bc I have the linux site set up to use the title based permalinks.

    I hope we can use Mantra as it looks like a really flexible solution, but we need to have a menu for our mobile users.

    Thanks for your help and for a great product,


    Willy Grigg



    Willy Grigg

    btw the link for the version of the site that doesn’t have a working menu on mobile devices is….

    It looks like we might end up moving the site to linux based hosting, so it may be a moot point for us, but maybe something interesting for you to look at anyway.



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The problem with the Windows hosted version is that it has incorrect EOL (end-of-line) characters, resulting in an empty line every line of text. This makes the frontend.js coding break, causing all of the javascript (which also takes care of the mobile menu) malfunction.

    Fix the files to have proper EOL on Windows and this issue will go away. Try to re-upload all files and upload them as binary instead of ASCII.

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    Willy Grigg

    Thanks for the insight and information, Zed. It sounds like another thing to watch for when using Windows-based hosting. I think we’re going to move to Linux hosting.

    It looks like I should have posted my problem in installation problems, not bugs.


    This is great! This solved it for me, thanks!

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