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    We need to change our theme on our club website. However while working with the theme and documentation, it is referred to as a “Legacy Theme” which kind of says to me this may not be a good theme to use going forward since we are changing from a theme that hasn’t been updated in 2 years.

    Do you have a more modern free theme for our site that has most of the features and feel of Nirvana?

    Thank you

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    Due to the interdiction to use settings-page options on all .org repository themes some years ago, we have two generations of themes:

    1. the classic ones, which we created before this change and (still) use the settings page (Nirvana is included here) and are very similar (functionality and structure-wise) with each other, and
    2. the customizer themes which use the mandatory customize interface for their options; these themes are also similar in functionality and structure with each other.

    However, the transition from a settings page to the customize interface resulted in some structural and functionality changes which make the two groups relatively different in appearance (and very different in configuration).

    Nirvana has reached its feature and functionality maturity and we are now only making maintenance updates for it when we find bugs or if compatibility issues arise with new WordPress releases. This makes its updates release cycle slower.

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