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    Brian Watt

    Zed, tried switching themes to Twenty Eleven, uninstalled Nirvana 1.0.3, downloaded a fresh copy, and reactivated it. Still the same problem; menus won’t expand. Email me if you want me to try something different.


    I deleted and reinstalled Nirvana. Still can’t access settings submenus.


    For those wishing to revert to a prior version, you can do so using ftp. First, export your current Nirvana theme settings, saving the resulting text file to your computer. Then download an older version, eg.
    Next, temporarily switch to another wordpress theme, eg twentyfifteen.
    Uninstall the misbehaving Nirvana theme, or simply delete the Nirvana folder using your ftp application.
    Now extract the older Nirvana you downloaded, then upload the resulting Nirvana folder to your themes directory.
    Now activate Nirvana from your WP themes, and upload the settings file you saved previously.
    I recommend Filezilla for an ftp application.


    Thanks John. That worked.


    Hey Zed
    Thanks a lot. With the Upgrade to Version 1.04 the menuproblem in Nirvana settings is solved! It works all without problems!

    Lahle Wolfe

    THANK YOU! After updating I had so many problems I was grateful to find you had uploaded this version so I could go back in time and have things working properly again!


    Hey thanks Zed!

    1.04 lookin’ good. My host seems to be acting up, and update via control panel kept stalling, so I resorted to upgrading via ftp.

    Saving theme settings regularly is highly recommended.

    Thanks again. Coffee on the way! ;D

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