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    At the bottom of our posts in fluida there is a feature that allows navigation between posts (which in our case are event that we list)

    they look like this (hypertexted)

    < Event A
    Event B>

    I do not know how to edit these. Their navigation from one to the next is nonsensical (not alpha, not chrono by creation…) They pull up archived posts we do not want to access.

    Is this a widget, or a feature of fluida? Can anyone point me to how to edit or disable?

    Thank you!

    Cryout Creations Team

    The posts navigation is core WordPress functionality and (as far as I know) not configurable.
    The links are chronological site-wide (they point to the previous and next published posts, regardless of category or tags).
    If you really need to, you can hide them with CSS:
    body #nav-below { display: none; }

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