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    The new update is terrible. It changed the buttons for the menu that was at the top center of the page. it was previously clean, simple and consistent throughout the site. Now there is an awkward Windows 95-esque button on the main menu but does not seem to be show up anywhere else.


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    Same here, lost all the icons. Any idea how to fix that?



    I appear to have lost custom colors for headings. Also, the screen for writing new posts has gone wonky, aligning tight to the left of the screen, where previously blocks were centered on the screen and could easily be nudged or dragged up or down. Is this related to the latest WP update?


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    The missing icons issue should be fixed by the update released mid-November. Sorry about failing to catch that in the 1.2.0 update itself.

    : I suggest testing if the same issues are present in the editor while any of the default Twenty themes is active on the site.
    Concerning colors, I don’t remember (but I could be mistaken, there are lots of options and features to keep track of over our various themes) Verbosa having a dedicated option or applying a specific color to content headings (h2-h6 tags). Page/post/section titles (which are also headings but use the H1 tags) have their own color option that still works expected.

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