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    I have a situation that I don’t know for sure, what to do.
    I am using WordPress 4.8.2 with Nirvana Version 1.1.3.
    After the update of the WordPress i lose the page Nirvana Settings. But I knew that is going to happen.
    So, i installed the plugin Cryout Serious Theme Settings. But the plugin is asking for a new version of Nirvana.
    The is a instituional site of my work. And I am really afraid of just update the Nirvana and lose all the settings.
    Sorry about my english, but I would appriciate a lot, any help to ensure about WHAT I HAVE TO DO.
    Thanks for your attention,

    The page I need help with:


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The settings plugin requires at least Nirvana 1.2 to work (due to self-protection code integrated in Nirvana itself, the plugin cannot override some functionality to restore the settings page).

    I suggest comparing the installed copy of the theme with the vanilla version to check for any changes, and if no file changes have been performed to the theme, then it is mostly safe to update.
    I recommend updating to 1.2.0 for the least risk of trouble (there have been quite some changes since then until the latest 1.4.4, some of which may require your intervention or change things on the site).

    However, you should always create backups before important changes.

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    Please read the available documentation and search the forums before posting.

    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Tomorrow, after the upload, I will tell if works, ok?


    One more time,
    I did the update just the way you recommend and it is all working fine; Theme nirvana and plugin Cryout Serious Theme Settings.
    best regards,


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