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    I’m having an issue with the responsive behavior of the main/nav menu in the header as I make a browser window narrower.

    My expectation (and the behavior of the preview site) is that once the nav menu is too wide to fit in the % width allocated to it, it becomes a hamburger menu.

    However, on my site(s), the behavior is different. When the window is too narrow to fit the nav menu, the entire menu drops down into a space below the top header area, over the banner image if it’s down below. Then, only when the window eventually becomes too narrow for the menu to fit in a larger space, or fit on the whole line, does it finally become the hamburger menu, placed correctly back up at the top.

    I can see the behavior for a very narrow range of browser window widths on the live version of this site: However, I’m working on a staging version of that site, which has more primary nav menu options, and it’s more pronounced there. On that version, it jumps down and takes up the whole width in the lower header, and it stays expanded until full width of the window is too narrow to fit it.

    Edit: I noticed on your reply to this post ( that some amount of jumping to a new is actually a deliberate feature of the theme (although probably not exactly what I’m seeing). Would there be a way to disable this behavior? On the version of the site I’m working on, the menu would probably be illegible over the banner image.

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