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    Hi, I’ve noticed that when viewing my page on a mobile device there is a big gap between the header image and the page content. This does not seem to happen every time, or on every mobile device, but it happens often and means that when people arrive on the page they could think it is empty, not knowing to scroll down for the content.

    I’ve already tried various methods and CSS to fix this (though I’m a novice at these things) and had no luck. Can you help me with a way to fix this?

    Here is a screenshot from my phone showing the gap, sometimes it is smaller than this but sometimes it’s larger so the content is nowhere on the screen at all:

    Many thanks in advance for the help,


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I notice an entirely different color scheme is used in the site currently and in the screenshot. Did you change the configuration in the meantime or is the screenshot of a different site.

    I see you are currently using a GIF image in the header. How was the header configured in that screenshot?

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