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    I am using the Tempera theme. It would be great if I had the choice to display my website in full website/desktop mode in devices (mobile and tablets). That’s what I would like to do for my website and I am struggling to find a solution to that problem.

    Also, I would like to be able to get rid of those bullets in the presentation page. I went to the tempera theme settings and chose “hide” bullets but it does not work :-(.

    Another thing, I’d like to be able to remove everything under the slider in the presentation page and be able do what I want in that section like the other pages. That would be great to have more freedom with choosing what I want basically. What about having the option to use the feature of the presentation or disable the features if we want , like “normal mode” vs “freedom mode”.


    These options are all in Tempera Settings (responsiveness, use presentation page, etc).

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