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    Really great theme guys! I am testing it heavily theses days.

    I noticed a couple of issues with mobile displays – both on tablet / phone.

    1. If the option to ‘fix’ the menu is selected, it works on desktop but not on tablet/phone.

    2. If ‘bottom of page’ is selected for the option ‘back to top button’ that also works on desktop but not on tablet/phone –
    it is placed in the footer instead.

    Hope that helps. One other thing that is minor, but would probably help make the mobile views look great / consistent with desktop view. Would it be possible on mobile views to make the [title / sandwich menu background] invisible before the user starts scrolling down (as it currently is the case in desktop view) when the option ‘over header image’ is selected for the menu position?.


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    1. The main menu is not fixed below a certain screen size to not waste up screen space.

    2. A similar logic is used for the back-to-top button as well. On smaller devices it is moved into the footer of the site to avoid overlapping content and blocking screen space.

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