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    On my client’s https site, I receive mixed content warnings when using Mantra theme but not with other themes. Any idea what the mixed content could be?
    I can’t post the URL because it is a private help resources site for my client’s clients.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Was this site previously running as non-SSL or is it a new site, set-up from start to run on HTTPS?

    If it’s a migrated site, you’ll need to make sure that any URLs that refer to the site domain and are stored in the database (either part of content – posts, pages, widgets – or plugin settings) have been updated to use the new secure URL. You can also use the browser to investigate which media resources are still loaded via plain http.

    If it’s a new site, you may have a bit of content somewhere (actual post/content text, widget, plugin resources, so on) that tries to load its resources without ssl, resulting in the aforementioned warning.

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    Turns out that it was an issue with Chrome, but I have resolved it. Thank you for your help!

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