Missing Responsive “Contained” Featured Images in Newer Apple browsers

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    Rocky Trifari
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    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you had a chance to look further into the missing Featured Images on the homepage blog section after “Load More” for landing pages when “contained” is selected, rather than “cropped” on Featured Image settings.

    Error Messages:



    The two images above show various errors from the Safari browser. Not sure if this information helps indicate what the problem is.


    Cryout Creations mastermind


    The file/code referenced in the first screenshot is not part of the theme. Are you using some context-menu related plugin (that is perhaps failing)?

    The second screenshot references superfluous tag parameters that are also not managed by the theme (scripts and styles enqueues and their markup is controlled by WordPress).

    Unfortunately, none of the screenshots have the <picture> tag open for me to check the presence or absence of the relevant image information. Are the src and failsafe <image> parameters present inside the picture tag? If they are, are the file URLs valid (do they display the expected image if you open them manually in the browser)?

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    Rocky Trifari
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    Rocky Trifari
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    I’m not sure if my previous reply posted- it doesn’t look like it went through.

    Here is a screenshot showing my error with that part expanded:


    Rocky Trifari
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    For comparison, this is taken from 1 of the first 6 posts where it loads properly:


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