Menu Color/Font changes not updating on Linux Browsers?

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    Hello, thanks again for making this awesome Fluida theme. I do love it.

    A friend uses Linux (Ubuntu), and mentioned that when he opens it on his browser, my landing page colors, fonts, etc. look great, but when he goes to webpages I created BEFORE updating my theme colors, etc., they look the way they used to – default Fluida blue and red.

    No amount of force refreshing, clearing cache, clearing history, etc. – seems to get rid of the standard color & fonts that load with Fluida.

    On my Windows PC, I can’t seem to replicate the issue – it looks beautiful. But on his Linux machine, half of my website looks wrong.

    Is there anywhere that the default settings may still be “saved” and need to be removed so that it doesn’t show up?

    For my market (Gluten-Free, health conscious, etc.) there are quite a few Super Nerds (like myself) who enjoy these delicacies, so I can’t just throw out the functionality on Mac and Linux browsers.

    More fundamentally, I’m trying to understand why, after I update using the Customizer options, how any trace of the defaults are even found by older / non-traditional browsers. I figured after I update the customizer, all remnants should be deleted permanently (not hidden somewhere where they could be found again).

    It’s weird.

    Here is the website URL:

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

    – Rashed

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    Wait, I got it! Figured it out. I selected all pages, new and old, with bulk edit and set them to default template and no parent, and that seemed to refresh it, even on his linux machine.

    Sorry for the false alarm, and thanks for this BEAUTIFUL theme!!

    – Rashed

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    What browser did your friend use on Ubuntu?
    And do you use a caching plugin? He may have been seeing an older cached version of the site.

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