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    Adam Curtis
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    Hi, following on from the post about menu accessibility a year ago by Kunikla, I have come across the same issue where I now have to have menus accessible by keyboards. Nirvana still doesn’t do this (specifically sub-menus), however I’ve seen that the mega menu plugin does include menu accessibility. However for Nirvana it requires creating a child theme and modifiying the theme.php file.

    Is there any possibility of adding mega menu plugin compatibility into the Nirvana theme by default? This would mean for me that I wouldn’t need to create child themes for each of my 30 or so websites running Nirvana, plus it would mean that everyone else who wanted an accessible menu could use the plugin and not have to change theme or mess around with child themes (which are too technical for some people in any case).

    Alternatively is it possible to add an option to turn off transitions etc and turn on accessibility functionality? This is increasingly important and I feel its a significant drawback for this otherwise excellent theme.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    As accessibility is now a requirement for themes repository, we’ll most likely address the menu’s accessibility support in the next theme update.

    The idea of adding an option to disable the theme’s menu styling (for custom menu plugins compatibility) has been on the list for a while, so this might also make it in the theme at some point.
    Doing this manually currently requires duplicating the header.php file in the child theme and customizing it to rename/remove the #access ID from the menu container.

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    Adam Curtis
    Power User

    Thanks for the response and great to hear you’ll be addressing this issue. Very much appreciate you taking the time and effort.

    Adam Curtis
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    Just to add to this thread, I’ve been looking for a solution in the meantime and found this:

    Implementing this has worked in nirvana and I can now tab though the sub-menus on a keyboard. The only thing missing is the aria label ‘submenu’. I might change this in the files if it looks fairly easy to find, otherwise hopefully is will be added in the next theme update.

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