Mantra theme clashes with plugins

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    I have used Mantra theme for over a year after installing Bullit Proof Security it caused chaos have rectified most of the site but unale to use my original plugins mainly WP Photo Album Plus I seem to be getting jsquery messages and this message everytime I make changed to the theme? Can anyone help?

    Notice: Undefined variable: mantra_googlefont2 in /customers/e/0/f/ on line 135 Notice: Undefined variable: mantra_googlefonttitle2 in /customers/e/0/f/ on line 136 Notice: Undefined variable: mantra_googlefontside2 in /customers/e/0/f/ on line 137 Notice: Undefined variable: mantra_googlefontsubheader2 in /customers/e/0/f/ on line 138 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/e/0/f/ in /customers/e/0/f/ on line 876

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Notices are not harmful (after all, they’re just notices – in this case it could be caused by using some variables that have no values set). Production servers should not display notices (your server seems to be configured as a development environments). Then you get a warning caused by the fact that those notices get displayed before all other output.

    I’m not sure what “Bullit Proof Security” does, but if it’s the one enabling all the debug reporting, then you should turn that off (notices that is) for the time being.

    Thanks for pointing this out, we’ll investigate to see if this is indeed an issue with the theme (we develop the theme on production servers with all debugging turned on and I did not see these messages so far). If it is indeed a theme issue, we’ll fix it by the next update. But for now it is not something critical.



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