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    I changed to mantra. Since then I can not clickto >> Design >>> Themes in the Backoffice.
    After then I disabled all plugins. Same Problem. If i try to click “Themes” then show me a white Page with Error message “Critical Problem bla bla….
    Mantra has been problematic since the update. I can not do anything right now, because I can not change the theme. does anyone know the problem? Think about if I changed my themes. Have more often problems with Cryout Themes in the past. Such things just not happen.

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    The bla bla…. bit was the most important part of the error message as it could indicate what has actually gone wrong.
    Without clear error information any discussion is just a guessing game (code error? incompatibility? PHP version? server limitation?)

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    It appears that changing to the Mantra theme has caused some issues with accessing the Design > Themes section in the back office. One solution is to try reinstalling the Mantra theme or to switch to a different theme to see if the problem persists. Another option is to check if there are any conflicts with plugins that may be causing the issue. If disabling all plugins did not resolve the issue, it may be worth reaching out to the support team for the Mantra theme or your website hosting provider for further assistance. In the meantime, you can also check your clicking speed by visiting this website:

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