Mantra doesn't play well with Super Cache

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    After updating to 3.04 I noticed that Super Cache serves files without slider content and without any social icons. It’s ok when Super Cache is shut off but immediately starts again after switching it back on (basic settings). Emptying the cache therefore doesn’t help. The browser cache also isn’t involved, as I tried various browsers and private modes. Only when Super Cache is set to not serve cached files to logged-in users, then the error does not appear for logged-in users (obviously). I can’t tell whether this was introduced by 3.04 or 3.0 already, as I didn’t think to check without being logged in before.

    Cache is turned off for the moment.


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    Perhaps your caching plugin is still serving obsolete cached content. Did you clear the cache after updating?

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    I did, but now everything seems to be ok after I let things rest for a while.

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