Mantra clashes with All-in-one event calendar by timely

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    Angie B

    I have had so many problems using this calendar with this theme. Not 100% sure it’s the theme that’s clashing with this plug-in, but it’s not any of the other plug-ins. Is this a known issue or is there something that can be done? What happens is that when this plug-in is active I can’t get to my widgets area. I have to deactivate it and then go into widgets but then my calendars dissappear and I have to go reset them. I have around 17 pages with upcoming calendar widgets on them and then 1 on the home page and 1 on the theater page. Any thoughts?


    Dear Angie,

    Try to use a standard theme from wordpress (like “Twenty Ten”) with that calendar plugin and second of all please specify the name of the plugin (as i see on your site it might be “All-in-One Event Calendar Plugin”).

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