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    I was wondering if you planned on including the Blog/Posts template among the options you’re presented with when creating a page. I remember it being there in the very early versions of Fluida, but now it seems to have disappeared.




    Fluida doesn’t (yet) include a presentation page like our other themes, so the Blog template does not have a usage scenario (if you need a different page to display your blog while assigning a static page as the homepage, that can be done with WordPress’ Reading options).

    We were also asked to remove this template during the review because the reviewer found no logic for it.

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    Having a page with all recent blogs/posts is a real good option to have. Now I can have the static homepage with a seperate news page (but then no landingpage) or the nice landingpage with just a few latest news blocks and a button to call for more.

    I need to have the landingpage PLUS the seperate latest news page.

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