Main menu disappears when using elementor pro footer

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    We use elementor pro and have designed our own footer. When enabling the elementor footer as a result the main menu/header disappears. I confirmed this by disabling the elementor pro footer and the menu/header has come back. We have used many other themes that have included footers and never run into the issue before when using our own. Please advise, we want to use the header provided with the theme and only use our own footer.



    I am also having this. Not with elementor, but the main menu is disappearing on the home page only. I found this css code to be the culprit:
    .mobile-ios #masthead.cryout #access

    To clarify, this CSS code is hiding the main menu from being displayed on the home page (only) & on several devices (including several laptops). Not sure why it’s only happening on the home page, but this is what I found.



    Thank you. Since i’m building my footer through elementor i’m not using CSS code. any idea as to how i can fix this without code?

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