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    I am currently using WP 4.7.2, Mantra 2.6.0, and Serious Slider 0.6.3. I’ve just learned how to add a text banner to my images used in the slider and the slider works wonderfully except for one issue.

    It appears that when I link the image to any source the entirety of the image is not linked. The link area appears to be at the top of the image and at both sides leaving the middle of the image without any link. Think of a rectangular horseshoe. This can be rather confusing, especially in light of the fact that the left and right ends of the images also contain the navigation areas.

    Is there a way to adjust the link area so as to cover the entire image?




    A recent update to the Serious Slider plugin (v. 0.6.4) appears to have cured the problem.

    The entire area of images used within the slider is now active when linked to another post, page, or outside source.

    Thank you so much guys!!!!

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    When captions are used. their elements cover up the image and the link. In 0.6.4 we’ve fixed the fact that the caption elements were still present (and obscuring the link) even when they were empty.

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