Linear dividers in the presentation page?

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    Juan Manuel Saenz

    I absolutely love Tempera as WordPress theme. I used a wide range of topics and this is by far the most caring I have ever met. I think we are all aware that there is great work behind guys.

    My feature suggestions are the following

    1. Would it be possible to add linear dividers separating the columns in the presentation page? At the moment I have selected a ‘non magazine’ layout and my excerpts, in the presentation page, are divided into two columns, which I see too separated from each other. I think it would be a gain for the visual theme if you’d add that possibility.

    2 -. Would it be posibe to control the size and font of the ‘Extra Text’ in the presentation page?

    Be possible or not as I propose it -even if you think it is nonsense!- I want to thank you sincerely for this great work guys. All the best.

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