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    Hallo, one question to licence: there ist written:

    Billed once per year. Can be cancelled at any time before next renewal date.
    Renewal includes a 15% discount.
    Includes one year of access to updates and priority support.

    That means, if i by the licence the licence is lifetime, but updates and support are for one jear? so i have to pay every year if i need updates? I know themeforest. there ist licence also lifetime but also updates. So you only pay for support, not for updates per year.

    so … if i by the theme and don’t pay every year, i don’t become updates from you?

    best regards

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    The files you get access to with the purchase can be used on a site without any time limit or license dependency – using our Plus themes once purchased is not conditioned to having an active license with us.

    However, access to new updates and the companion priority support service is conditioned to having an active license, that can be renewed yearly or less often, only as is needed.

    I don’t believe in “lifetime” licenses. Those are, to say the least, a lie by omission – there is no such thing as “lifetime” in software, it should be called “software lifetime” for correctness.

    Things always change, evolve, transform, stop being used or simply go away. No developer selling “lifetime” licenses will support or develop that particular piece of software for a person’s lifetime – maybe at most for the developer’s decided software’s lifetime, which means they can just stop supporting and maintaining the software at any point in time anyway.

    Updates and maintenance also take time and effort, so charging for that in (optional) renewal instalments rather than all up front with the initial purchase can be lighter on the budget.

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    Hello! I wanted to express my gratitude for your helpful explanation regarding the license details.

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