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    rebakah schiller

    Love the theme but cannot figure out:
    1 – have the 3 posts on home page be in same row
    2 – have an image above each post
    3 – have full width info under neath 3 posts



    Hi Rebekah

    You could try these suggestions:
    1 – link those first three posts using the Presentation Page Columns
    In Tempera Settings> Presentation Page Columns, select the source of the content and how many columns you want in the row. Make sure that you have an image in each of the source posts.

    2 – If you do the above, you will get an image for each post.

    3 – Presentation Page> Show Posts on Presentation Page> Enable and then add Number of posts: 1
    Post Excerpt Settings> Home Page> Full Post

    That’s the best I can come up with 🙂 Hope it helps.

    ~ Wayfarer

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