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    Hello, and first of all congratulations for the theme. I’m loving it.
    I am trying to build my first blog (see the link) and chose Kahuna. In my idea the layout should be as in the images featured in the WP presentation of the theme, but I also wish to have a sidebar on the right in which to put a calendar, the categories menu and stuff like that.
    I have tried choosing the two column layout in the theme and the customization of every single page, but still I get the calendars etc at the bottom (despite I chose as position for them the right column).
    What am I doing wrong?
    I also am very puzzled at the different appearance I get on different browsers. I mean, I thought “responsive” meant to adapt the page look to the different hardware or OS, to make sure it looked decent in each but as close as possible to one predefined look. But I see EXTREMELY different rendering in the same machine depending on the browser! For instance, in Chromium I have a squared menu icon on the top right corner. On Firefox I have a menu ribbon, on IE it’s different again. How come? Besides, it feels to me like the best look is on IE. Is there a way to replicate that on the other browsers?
    Forgive the silly questions, I’m really a newbie…
    Thanks again.




    There appears to be an unclosed div in your custom footer text, which affects the footer and can mess with the entire theme layout (making it behave differently between browsers/devices, depending on how they interpret the markup error).

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    Thanks for looking it up. But… how can I fix it? If I look at the html code in the articles I don’t see that missing code.

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